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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hair Bow Collection

       Hi! :D How was your Valentine's Day? Mine was a regular working day, but we have some sort "feast" on our office, I think that was my date. Haha! Then my best bud surprised me with a balloon and a flower which made my day. :"> I apologize for not posting anything for V-day, I forgot to bring my camera at work. Sorry, my bad. 

       I have not posted about accessories for a long time. I guess this is the best time for me to post my bow collection as Spring is about to emerge on in the atmosphere. A lot of people are already starting to shop for Spring and Summer. Flowers are about to bloom, new fashion trends and much colorful environment!  Isn't it exciting? 

      As I have said, this is a hair bow collection post. Bows are charismatic props that makes us girly, youthful, and super attractive. I don't know, there's something with them that makes me love them. I love collecting bows, even if I use them just occasionally. I have worn some, you can see them at my 21st birthday and new years posts. Do you love bows, too? :)

      This is how I organize these babies, except for the headband because that's stored in a different tray. Most of these was purchased way back then. I don't know if you can still buy these, maybe you can search something similar on your locals boutiques or online stores. 

Coral and Navy Blue Polka Dot Clip from Shop & Match. Php 25

Studded Coral Bow Clip from Ingmar Boutique (Marymart Mall). Php 39

Sky Blue Polka Dots Clip from Shop and Match. Php 18

Flower Print Hair Tie from SM Department Store. Php 25
Flower Print with Faux Pearls Tie from SM Department Store. Php 25

Flower Print Hair Clips from Forever 21. Php 99

Polka Dot Bow Headband from Forever 21. Php 105

      So, that's it for my collection. I keep this in moderation, but I know it will grow in the future. Haha! I  actually made this post so I could chit chat with you a little. I love interacting with my readers and visitors. If you have something to say or share, please hit me a message or comment down below. I would be very much glad to talk to you. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO with lots of love.

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